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Variable Neutral Density Filter


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This variable filter does the job of nine ND filters. Streamline your kitbag and swiftly adjust your F-stop rating to manage light exposure on the fly.

Control the amount of light in your image so you can do longer exposures during the day. Shoot in bright light without overexposing your images. Use slower shutter speeds to create dramatic effects that emphasise movement.

Accidents happen, so all Okko Pro filters come with a Lifetime Guarantee. If you break your filter, we replace it. We’re in the business of lens filters for life.

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Control light filtering

Okko Pro Neutral Density filters gives you freedom to use wider apertures or slower shutter speeds for creative and dramatic affect in bright lighting conditions

Aluminium alloy frame with copper line

Constructed from high quality, matte black aluminium and designed for use with the lens cap attached

Rotate 360° with 1-9 stops (ND2 - 400)

Quickly set your desired F-Stop rating or required light reduction without having to reach for other filters

What's in the box

1x Pro Variable Neutral Density filter

1x Microfiber cleaning cloth

1x Protective case

1x Lifetime guarantee

1x Okko Pro sticker

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There’s an Okko lens filter to fit all camera frame sizes.